The Morrigan’s Call Retreat 2019

Join us for the annual Morrigan’s Call Retreat for a weekend of workshops, ritual and kinship in honor of the Morrigan June 7th- 9th 2019 at Camp CedarCrest in Orange CT.

The Morriagan’s Call is a weekend of devotional work, workshops, rituals, and kinship in honor of the Great Queen. We welcome men and women who feel called to work with the Morrigan and her many guises. Whether you have just heard her call or have worked with her for many years, join us to honor and deepen your connection to the Morrigan.

This years theme will be : Healing and Victory.

This year’s presenters include Ivo Domínguez Jr, Izzy Swanson, Morgan Daimler, Stephanie Woodfield, Karen Storminger and others. (Check our event page on Facebook for more details on workshops, rituals and presenters!)

Our temple will again be indoors in one of the larger cabins. Each night there will be time set aside in the temple for those who wish to receive channeled messages. The temple will be open throughout the retreat for meditation, devotional work, and for offerings, and attended by our temple priests and priestesses.

One hour during each day will be set aside for our Clans. Each clan will have a specific focus and will have a theme connected to one of the four treasures of the Irish Gods, allowing for more personal group work.

Ticket Page will be live later this year!

Lughnasadh Devotional To The Great Queen – DeLand Florida

Where: My Cauldron 210 S Spring Garden Ave, DeLand, Florida 32720

7pm to 9pm

Join us for a Lughnasadh celebration dedicated to The Morrigan. In Florida we aren’t harvesting the crops this time of year so instead we will be honoring the harvest of the lesson we have learned and seek the blessings of The Morrigan.

Pot luck will be after the ritual, come feast and make merry with us!




Walking in Magic Meditative Hike

Where: Hidden Valley Preserve in Washington CT

Sunday, August 5 at 9:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Live, breath and be in magic! Learn the ways to bring magic out of the circle and you’ll never go back to the mundane.  Join us for a guided meditation hike at Hidden Valley Preserve in Washington CT! We’ll be connecting with the land and resonating with our authentic selves.


Exploring the Morrigan: The Goddess in and out of our lives

Where: Online zoom chat open to all

Hosted by our sister organization Morrigu’s Daughters come join us online for a chat! The Goddess, The Morrigan, is a fluid entity. She shapeshifts her way through mythology and her many aspects. So too, does the Goddess shift and flow through our individual spiritual lives. Join this live chat discussion as we consider the many ways she comes into and out of our lives. Seeming ever present at times and then quiet and distant at others. Let’s explore these experiences together
To log onto the zoom chat from your computer or phone use:
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